The comic inspired by the podcast inspired by the comic

It is 2018, and pop society is just one huge ouroboros. Exhibit A: Wolverine: The Lengthy Evening, the new comic miniseries inspired by the podcast that was influenced by the comics. Is this a 1st? Maybe? Who can say? Who truly cares anymore? Comics are pop society now, and the nerds have definitively gained the war, and below, delight in this reserve.

Introduced now at New York Comic-Con, the Benjamin Percy-penned, Marcio Takara-drawn, Rafael Albuquerque-covered five-situation miniseries is primarily based on what has, by all accounts, been a thriving very first-scripted podcast for Marvel.

Here’s a synopsis of the new comic, which is also in essence a synopsis of the podcast: “Following a string of mysterious deaths in Burns, Alaska, Distinctive Agents Sally Pierce and Tad Marshall arrive to investigate. They shortly come across there’s extra heading on than satisfies the eye…”

Spoilers: A diminutive, offended Canadian gentlemen with retractable metallic claws crosses their paths. The book is owing out in January.

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